List Of Chief Executive Officers

List Of Chief Executive Officers – The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the head of the Hong Kong government.

The post was created to replace the post of Governor General of Hong Kong, who was the representative of the British Empire during the British rule.

List Of Chief Executive Officers

Established by the Hong Kong Constitution, the Office officially began its operations on 1 July 1997 from the United Kingdom of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China.

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Duties of the head of the executive include appointing key officials of China’s State Council headed by the Premier, managing foreign relations, appointing judges and other government officials, and overseeing and enforcing laws passed by the Legislative Council. . The Constitution gives the head of the Executive branch broad powers, but restricts him from making major policy decisions, introducing bills to the Legislative Council, enacting subsidiary legislation, and consulting with the Executive before dissolving the Legislative Council. Just do it. Council (all members appointed by CE).

The Executive Council consists of official and non-official members, including the Secretary for Administration, the highest official, and the Head of the Cabinet Office, who have the authority to oversee the activities of the Government.

The CEO has the title of “Venerable” and is ranked number one in Hong Kong.

Kurt was elected as CEO in the 2022 election by CEO John Lee, appointed by the Chinese State Council Decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang on May 30, 2022, and took office on July 1, 2022.

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According to Article 44 of the Constitution, the Chief Executive must be a citizen of China as defined in the HKSAR Passport Regulations.

The person must be at least 40 years old, a permanent resident of Hong Kong, a citizen of the People’s Republic of China with the right to reside in Hong Kong, and have continuously resided in Hong Kong for at least 20 years.

Article 47 also requires the CEO to be a person of integrity and honesty in his work.

In addition, candidates are not eligible to run for the election committee without receiving the vote of one-eighth of the total members of the election committee.

Chief Executive Officer (ceo) Job Description

The specific procedure for electing the head of the executive branch is provided in the First Annex of the Constitution. As part of the 2021 Hong Kong election reform, the Election Commission is composed of 1,500 members from the following sectors, as amended by the National People’s Congress. The Election Commission consists of representatives of individuals (private citizens) and organizations (special interest groups and enterprises) selected or selected from the 40 sub-sectors specified in Annex I of the Constitution.

The Election Committee is responsible for nominating the Executive Director and electing the Chief Executive. According to the change in the 2021 Hong Kong election initiated by the National People’s Congress, each candidate for the election of the Chief Executive must be nominated by at least 188 members of the Election Commission, and their eligibility to be elected must be verified and the candidates must meet the requirements. by a review committee. HKSAR. The name of the head of the executive branch was returned by the Electoral Commission by an absolute majority vote.

Election commissions are basically elected by voters. Along with the abolition of personal and physical voting, the number of branches with individual voting was drastically reduced.

Representatives of the National People’s Congress of China, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Hong Kong representatives of the CPC before the members of the Chinese National Organization.

Chief Executive Officer (ceo): What They Do Vs. Other Chief Roles

Candidates for Executive Director shall be nominated by at least 188 members of the Election Committee, with at least 15 nominations from each section of the Election Committee. Based on an investigation by the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Department, the candidate was approved after review and examination by the National Security Protection Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It was emphasized whether the candidate fulfills the requirements and conditions of the law to uphold the Constitution and take an oath of loyalty to the People’s Republic of China.

Nominations for the Executive Director are returned by the Electoral Commission by an absolute majority vote under the two mandate system.

A person elected as the head of the executive branch must disaffiliate with any political party within six days of the election and shall not be a member of any party during his term of office.

The Chief Executive is appointed by the Cabinet of the People’s Republic of China before taking office.

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At the first election of the Chief Executive, the committee had only 400 members. The second time it was increased to 800.

The number of delegates was increased from 800 to 1,200 with the approval of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

In 2021, the number of delegates was increased to 1,500 following electoral reforms launched by the Chinese government to strengthen its control over Hong Kong, but most are permanent and informal seats.

According to Article 46, the term of office of the Chief Executive is five years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

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If a mid-term vacancy occurs, the new CEO’s first term is limited to the remainder of the previous CEO’s term. The procedure for electing the head of the executive power is provided in Article 45, Annex I of the Constitution, and the decree on the election of the head of the executive power.

According to the Constitution, the Chief Executive is the representative of the people of Hong Kong and the head of the Hong Kong government. The Chief Executive’s powers and duties include leading the government, implementing laws, signing bills and budgets passed by the Legislative Council, making government policy decisions, and advising on the appointment and dismissal of key Hong Kong government officials. government includes government government. , appointing, pardoning, or acquitting certain judges and public officials. The position is also responsible for public policy.

Before making important policy decisions, submitting bills to the Legislative Council, approving relevant laws, and dissolving the Legislative Council, the Council is consulted.

According to Article 73, Clause 9 of the Constitution, the Legislative Council has full authority to decide the proposal to remove the head of the Executive Power from the Central People’s Government of China.

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Article 53 defines the duties and succession of the office. If the Executive Director is unable to perform his duties for a short period of time (such as overseas travel), the role will be filled by the Financial Secretary. The Acting Executive Director shall be appointed by the Legal Secretary or Secretary on a rotating basis.

Before the handover in 1997, the CEO’s office was on the seventh floor of the Asia Pacific Financial Towers.

When Tung Chae Hwa assumed office on 1 July 1997, the Chief Executive’s office was located on the 5th floor of the former central government offices (Main Wing).

Previously, the Governor’s Office was located in the Governor’s House. Tong lives in his own apartment in Granel House, so he does not use Government House as his primary residence.

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Donald Tsang decided to return to the State House he stole during his first term and moved into his office and residence on January 12, 2006.

In 2011, the Office of the Chief Executive moved to the lower block of the new Ctral Government Complex in Tamar. The State House is the official residence of the Head of the Executive.

After retirement, former CEOs can work in the former CEOs’ office at 28 Keene Road.

The Office provides administrative support to former chiefs in their promotion, protocol-related and other activities related to their former positions. Activities include receiving distinguished guests and representatives visiting the country, giving interviews to local and foreign media, and making presentations.

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Personal protective equipment is provided depending on the police risk assessment. The former CEO is excited about medical and digital care.

The former chief executive holds the title of “Venerable” and ranks third in Hong Kong’s hierarchy.

Hong Kong’s chief executive’s compensation is the highest in the world for a political leader, second only to Singapore’s prime minister. In 1992, the city’s colonial governors were paid $273,000 annually, due to an increase in salary levels.

In 2005, Tung Chae Hwa received HK$3 million ($378,500) as CEO. From 2009 to 2014, the job salary was HK$4.22 million. In January 2015, CY Leung’s 2012 wage freeze increased to HK$4.61 million ($591,000).

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In July 2017, a 12.4% salary increase for Bureau Directors and a 3.5% pay gap between Department Secretaries (DSCs) and DSCs were approved.

A new annual fee is specified

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