Criminal Justice Masters Degree Program

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Program – Criminal justice and law enforcement challenges are more complex than ever and reach every corner of our society. One of the few institutions in the nation to offer a social science-based graduate program, Metropolitan College has been offering criminal justice education since 1973. Armed with years of practical experience in policing, cybercrime, the justice system and corrections at postgraduate and undergraduate level, MET’s Faculty of Criminal Justice provides you with the sociological, legal, theoretical and practical skills and knowledge you need to face here. Complex issues with trust.

Since 2015. Our criminal justice master’s degree concentration and graduate certificate options ensure you engage in advanced training in strategic management, crime analysis, and cybercrime, giving you the tools you need to lead criminal justice agencies in the 21st century.

Criminal Justice Masters Degree Program

MET’s online master’s degree ranks 6th in the nation for veterans and active duty

Masters Degree Programs

Each certificate shares specific courses with the MSCJ program and its concentration, giving you the opportunity to earn one or two certificates en route to your master’s degree. Students enrolled in a graduate degree who are interested in transferring to a master’s degree should contact their academic advisor to declare their interest in this pathway. A new master’s application is not required. To learn more about this option, contact a graduate admissions advisor at

Gain a general knowledge of the methods and theories of the social sciences, along with a specialized understanding of social policies related to criminal behavior, policing, corrections, criminal justice, and crime control.

Explore how to establish evidence-based policies and establish best practices within criminal justice organizations with electives in crime analysis, cybercrime investigation, and strategic management.

MSCJ’s concentration in crime analysis offers an interdisciplinary course designed to facilitate access to and analysis of a variety of data sources.

What Can You Do With A Criminal Justice Degree

MSCJ’s concentration in Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity develops the skills needed to address a variety of cybercrime-related issues, including cybercrime and legal practice, practical digital forensics knowledge, and policies related to cybersecurity risk assessment.

MSCJ’s concentration in strategic management provides an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides the skills necessary to meet modern criminal justice challenges and lead reform.

Learn how to access and analyze a variety of data sources to inform criminal justice investigations, strategies, and policy decisions.

Develop criminal justice theory, ethics, and research insights to address contemporary criminal justice challenges, manage and evaluate policies and programs, and lead reform.

Master’s In Criminal Justice Online

Learn introductory principles of criminal justice related to law enforcement, justice, and corrections, laying the foundation for in-depth study in critical areas of the legal system.

Benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to criminal justice and cyber security to ensure you develop the skills, practical knowledge and skills you need to investigate cybercrime and solve a wide range of cyber security issues.

Lead reform by developing valuable skills that increase your ability to confront contemporary criminal justice challenges and develop sound and sustainable policies guided by the analysis of multiple issues and logic and planning. Students who complete the MS Criminal Justice program with an optional concentration in homeland security are well-versed in law enforcement, courts, corrections, ethics, research methodology, homeland security, current social issues, theoretical underpinnings, and the complex challenges facing the criminal justice system. Graduates of courses and skills units that look at the face of national defense are competitive for careers in homeland security and the criminal justice system, as well as creating a path to career advancement in the military.

The MS Criminal Justice program draws on the knowledge, research skills, and professional experience of faculty and military officials at Ft. Campbell. Our faculty has expertise in the traditional disciplines of criminology, political science, sociology, and psychology. These disciplines contribute to the intellectual foundation of criminal justice as an academic field.

Csusb’s Criminal Justice Graduate Program Ranked Among Nation’s Top 50

Currently, it is the only public institution offering M.S. in criminal justice with a focus on national security in Tennessee.

Master of Science – Criminal Justice – 1 Year Plan Master of Science – Criminal Justice – 2 Year Plan Master of Science – Criminal Justice w/ HS Concentration – 1 Year Plan Master of Science – Criminal Justice w/ HS Concentration – 2-year plan degree requirement

This program requires completion of 30 credit hours (10 courses). Course requirements and descriptions can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

Students are also required to take a comprehensive exam. This exam is based on a published list of topics and is usually taken in the final semester of undergraduate students.

What Is A Criminal Justice Degree?

We invite students to apply at any time. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. Students can start their studies at any time.

A minimum GPA of 2.7 is required. Students with a GPA of at least 2.5 may be admitted on a provisional basis. After 6 semester hours with a GPA of 3.0, provisional status may be elevated. Other expectations of graduate students follow the Graduate Institute’s standards. Departments reevaluate these criteria when experience shows that the number of qualified applicants begins to significantly exceed the number of places available for each student group. An online Masters in Criminal Justice degree program offers individuals the opportunity to explore both sides of the justice system. . Your desire to serve your community may turn into a desire to pursue or expand a potential career in law enforcement, corrections, politics, or the legal field. Or you may be inclined to investigate cases, research the law, and prepare legal documents in a law office. Regardless of your personal or professional goals, there are several master’s in criminal justice and legal studies online programs.

The online Criminal Justice and Legal Studies master’s degree program explores the institutions and systems that maintain social control, deter and moderate crime, punish criminals, and protect justice within society. Generally, criminal justice and legal studies are considered related fields, each of which leads to different careers. An online master’s degree in criminal justice and jurisprudence may teach you about law, social order, and the legal system, but there are several areas to choose from within the larger scope of criminal justice and legal studies. If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV, you probably recognize an aspect of the lab, investigative work, technicians, detectives, lawyers, or judges. It represents an invaluable group of individuals in the field of criminal justice and legal research.

Fast Facts In criminology and criminology, 16.5% of workers have a master’s degree (2014);

Assistant Professor Of Criminal Justice & Criminology At The

Each university that offers a master’s degree in criminal justice and jurisprudence program may have its own prerequisites, although a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college is common. Program lengths vary as full-time and part-time options are available for degree completion. Check your future school rather than assuming it will take you 2 years. Some programs may include (optional) classroom study, research, capstone projects or theses, or even laboratory work. Online students may have participation requirements to participate in discussion boards and forums.

Within the online Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies program, you will find several types or tracks for degrees. Some common master’s degrees within criminal justice and legal studies include Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Public Administration (MPA).

If you want to study criminology, philosophy, law, victimization, or the psychology of criminal behavior, these aspects of criminal justice and legal studies may be included in an online master’s degree program. MA Criminal Justice and Legal Studies degrees may not require technical skills, but can examine criminal justice within different cultures. A Master of Arts is often considered a “terminal degree” and an MS is sometimes followed by a PhD in Criminal Justice.

An online master’s degree in criminal justice and jurisprudence explores more academic subjects (business, technology, science) and includes more technical skills than a master’s of arts degree. MS programs usually require some thesis project in the final year, and some MA programs may have fieldwork in the final year.

Online Criminal Justice Masters

Online MPA programs offer core courses that emphasize social and civic responsibility and decision-making. While an MBA (Master of Business Administration) focuses on business in the private sector, an online Master of Public Administration is considered preparation for potential leadership and management positions in public, local, state, or federal government.

Find online master’s degrees in criminal justice and legal studies in a variety of fields based on your interest in science, crime scenes, research, or safety and security. You can easily find these topics in our navigation menu:

Online master’s degree programs in criminal justice may appeal to students interested in this

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