Becoming An Rn With A Bachelor's Degree

Becoming An Rn With A Bachelor's Degree – ‘Butcher, baker, candlestick maker?’ With a kaleidoscope of careers swirling around you, finding the perfect career for you can be daunting. Trade schools and colleges offer their hand — matching ambition with intelligence as academic advisors try to provide professional life advice based on personality traits or career tests. A battery of online messages promises its future as “just a click away.” You may feel like you would have better luck making this major life decision.

Not based on sophisticated consumer desires or changing technology, health care needs are current and not going away fast. Medical professionals and nurses are needed in the United States and almost every sector of the world, which is why licensed vocational nursing careers are worth exploring. Currently, there is a great shortage of well-trained licensed vocational nurses, creating a worldwide demand for qualified practitioners.

Becoming An Rn With A Bachelor's Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected job growth rate for licensed vocational nurses between 2019 and 2029 is over 9.1 percent, with approximately 65,700 jobs. . The unemployment rate for the profession is only 2.4 percent.1 Although job security and unemployment are modern concerns, the trajectory of licensed vocational nursing can go a long way to alleviate instability. Financially, it allows for consideration.

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Bridging the healthcare field is more possible than you previously imagined. One can enter a professional and educational vocational nursing program with a high school diploma or GED. At the Academy of Medical Arts one must complete a prerequisite in Essential Medical Bioscience, an 80-hour general biology course. (Similar classes may sometimes be substituted.) With an increasing number of accelerated programs that provide for program completion in just one year, it’s easier than ever to get a vocational nursing course.

The Academy of Medical Arts offers an accredited Vocational Nursing program in a short duration of 13 months or 52 weeks / 1,570 clock hours, consisting of clinic and laboratory in four modules. In addition, the last four weeks of the academy program are devoted to preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLX) – easing further barriers to job readiness. As a result of preparation and accelerated offerings, students can graduate and begin working sooner than in other health care professions.

“What is licensed vocational nursing for me?” or “What is my real destination?” It is best answered by distinguishing whether licensed vocational nursing is a stepping stone or a final destination. Many use licensed vocational nursing as a bridge to becoming a registered nurse (RN). “Bridge programs are specifically designed for a group of nurses, in this case, licensed vocational nurses who want to become registered nurses. Because of this specific group of students, the programs are simplified so students progress relatively quickly.”

Some vocational nursing classes can be given credit in the registered nursing program, helping graduates “shave off” months of school.

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Other health care professionals use licensed vocational nursing as a dynamic placeholder to gain valuable work experience and networking opportunities while moving off the waiting list to enroll in another program, such as a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Still, others use the shorter time commitment that a vocational nursing program offers to “get their feet wet,” sampling if nursing is a path they want to pursue. Others, for work-life balance or financial reasons, take advantage of the economic security a licensed vocational nursing role provides to secure gainful employment and pursue their higher education goals. Still, countless others find licensed vocational nursing their only path, a comfortable place, and a place to land in healthcare forever.

Whether a bridge, a temporary passage, or a landing destination, a vocational nursing education can offer many new options and opportunities.

Licensed vocational nurses often enjoy a living wage, benefits, work flexibility, ease of relocation, and an average annual salary of approximately $47,480.

In addition, the profession ranks highly in various key employment sectors. Vocational nursing is ranked number 19 on US News’ 100 Best Healthcare Assisting Jobs for 2021. Through an elusive combination of factors, overall job satisfaction was ranked and calculated according to the following categories:1

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More than classifications for professions, these professionals speak with a sense of altruistic satisfaction. A licensed vocational nurse allows close contact with fellow health care staff members, patients, and patients’ families who truly want to make a difference in the lives of others. Serving between registered nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the nursing hierarchy, a vocational nursing role offers many opportunities to be at the forefront of healthcare and make a real impact.

“The nature of their work means that Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses often have the most intimate and hands-on contact with patients of any professional in the state of the art. Having a professional bedside manner is more than just a buzzword for this job—it’s essential to patient well-being and a nurse’s career advancement. .”

‘Butcher, baker, candlestick maker,’ or vocational nurse? Vocational nursing education remains a difficult choice with many career choices. This particular role is not dependent on consumer trends or outside markets in a kaleidoscope society full of the whims and winds of industry that are always in flux. Additionally, a good vocational nursing program is usually affordable and has a relatively moderate effort-benefit ratio. Finally, it can connect to the larger world of healthcare while providing tangible and intangible rewards.

Do you think that a licensed vocational nursing career might be for you? Find out by taking the Vocational Nurse Career Readiness Quiz.

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Nurses are in demand everywhere. If you want to make a real difference in society and be part of an exciting career, you should enter nursing now. An entry-level way to start your nursing career is to become a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). LVNs typically: Monitor patients’ health by checking their blood pressure, body temperature, […]

What are vocational nursing programs and how did they start? The origin of a nurse’s practical/vocational role stems from the past practice of self-employed individuals working in home care as primary nurses. These men had no licenses and little formal training. Additionally, they helped with basic care (ADLs such as bathing) and light housekeeping duties […]

Dr. Guillermo Paredes,  MD.OB/GYN; ARDMS (OB); (AB), RVT, affectionately known as “Dr. G,” has been with the Academy’s San Mateo (California) campus since 2006. Of note to the World Health Organization, Dr. G is with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Amazon jungle with an emphasis on infectious disease research. Worked. He became involved in […]

Nursing license! Have you ever seen James Bond’s popular spy movie License to Kill? Or have you heard the Jimmy Buffett spoof song “License to Chill”? You may have heard someone jokingly ask if you have a ‘parental licence’.

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