Army Reserve Jobs In Florida

Army Reserve Jobs In Florida – Capt. Fan K. Ouellette, an Army nurse at the Army Reserve Medical Command in Pinellas Park, Florida, said that when she grew up she wanted to be a soldier, but the boys told her she should be a nurse. Now there are both. (Staff Sergeant Neil W. McCabe/Army Reserve Medical Command)

Administrative specialists document, store, organize and maintain files. They write letters, reports, and official orders, as well as training and vacation schedules for unit personnel.

Army Reserve Jobs In Florida

Financial specialists calculate salaries and prepare payments for army personnel. They also record information about financial transactions and budget plans for future expenses.

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Flight specialists prepare and provide flight information to air and ground crews. They maintain flight records and plan flight schedules and aerial work.

Legal specialists assist judges, lawyers and unit commanders in legal matters and court work. They also handle legal cases and appeals, and review court decisions and Army regulations.

Pastoral assistance supports the department’s ministry team programs, services, and crisis intervention. They also provide support to priests during missions and daily activities.

Local electricians install and maintain wiring systems in offices, repair shops, aircraft hangars and other base buildings.

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Heavy construction equipment operators use tractors, cranes, graders, and other heavy equipment to construct airports, roads, dams, and buildings.

Crane operators operate crawler and forklift cranes and crane shovels, and set up, launch, and remove attached cranes during construction projects.

General construction equipment operators work with air compressors and special construction machines that deal with compaction, excavation, pumping and propulsion.

Professional carpenters and joiners build foundations, floors and walls with bricks, cement blocks, mortar or stone. They construct wooden buildings using their hands and power tools such as hammers, saws, levels and drills.

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Engineering inspectors supervise the construction, maintenance and operation of buildings, warehouses, fixed bridges, port facilities and fuel pipelines, tanks and related equipment.

Gunners initiate and maintain wire and radio communications. They also identify target areas by operating howitzer guns.

Automatic Tactical Fire Direction System Specialists serve teams that operate Tactical Fire Direction Systems equipment and are responsible for recording and transmitting firing data.

Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems use Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems in a group of multiple missile systems.

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Fire support specialists direct, supervise, or operate reconnaissance operations such as target processing, artillery divisions, and maneuver brigades.

The crew of the Multiple Launch Missile System operates, operates and maintains the MLRS self-propelled vehicles and backup vehicles. The MLRS fires a variety of missiles and ammunition for quick attacks during combat.

PATRIOT Fire Control Advanced operators deploy the PATRIOT system in the field. They evaluate target data and identify and engage targets.

Air defense tactical operations center operators detect, track and identify aircraft. They relay early warning information as members of the early warning team.

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The man-portable air defense system crew prepares and fires the man-portable air defense systems while acting as members of the field artillery team.

Bradley Linebacker The crew operates the Bradley Linebacker, a tracked vehicle capable of engaging aerial targets with missiles and other munitions. Avenger crew members act as members of the Avenger operations team. The Avenger system is a lightweight, highly mobile and portable air/air missile/weapon system.

The Patriot Launch Center has strengthened operators/site maintainers, provisioning and maintenance of Patriot launchers. Patriot missile systems are used to launch missiles capable of destroying multiple targets in the air.

Combat engineers build roads, streets, and field fortifications such as bunkers, bunkers, and gun emplacements. They also plant and detonate explosives and assemble floating and artificial bridges.

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Bridge crews build and maintain bridges and ditches to cross wet and dry gaps, and assist with rafting.

Quarry specialists work with all equipment used in gravel and stone excavation, crushing, grading and cleaning. They are also involved in blasting explosives in quarries and construction sites.

Infantrymen are trained to defend our country in peacetime and to capture, destroy, and resist enemy forces in wartime.

Special Operations Weapons Sergeants use and maintain a wide range of US, allied and other foreign weapons as part of a special operations team.

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Specially trained army soldiers carry out attack, destruction, reconnaissance, search and rescue and other operations by air, land or sea.

Special operations engineers are specialists in a variety of disciplines, from demolition and construction of fortifications to surveying techniques.

Special operations medics are primarily trained with an emphasis on trauma medicine. They also have a working knowledge of dentistry, animal health care, public hygiene, water quality and vision.

Special operations communications engineers work with all types of communications equipment, from encrypted satellite communications systems to the old high-frequency Morse code systems. They also have computer/internet skills.

Army Reservist Dies Of Covid 19 Complications In Florida

Cavalry scouts conduct reconnaissance and act as the “front line” of battle. They engage the enemy in the jungle with anti-armor weapons and reconnaissance vehicles.

Armored personnel work as part of a team to operate armored vehicles and weapons to destroy enemy positions.

AH-64A Equipment/Electrical Systems Maintainers perform flight unit, maintenance, and inventory maintenance of the electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneuhydraulic systems associated with the AH-64A Apache helicopter.

The AH-64D instrument/electrical/air systems maintainer inspects, tests, and services the instrument, electrical, and air systems of the AH-64D helicopter.

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Weapons Maintenance/Missile Systems Maintainers inspect, inspect, and perform maintenance on the weapons, electrical, and air systems of the OH-58D light armed helicopter.

Special electronics technicians repair and service special electronic devices such as night vision devices, electronic range and azimuth devices, battlefield lighting devices, and nuclear, biological, and measurement devices.

Quartermaster and chemical equipment repairmen perform maintenance on chemical equipment, quarter machines, forced air heaters and special equipment.

Radar maintainers install, repair, maintain, and maintain a working knowledge of the operation of radar equipment.

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OH-58D Instrument/Electrical/Avionics Maintainers maintain the electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneuhydraulic systems associated with the aircraft’s weapons, missile, and fire control systems.

Ground-based electronic missile system maintainers maintain the TOW (M-220 Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-hagued missile) anti-missile system, the Dragon anti-tank missile system, and the Bradley fighting vehicle system.

Ground-based electronic missile system maintainers maintain the TOW (M-220 Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-hagued missile) anti-missile defense system, the Dragon anti-tank missile system, and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle system.

Automated Test Facility Operators maintain an electronics test facility to support the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

What Does The U.s. National Guard Do?

Multiple Missile System Maintainers manage the level of support for multiple launch missile systems, self-propelled, launcher and loader weapon systems deployed on the battlefield.

Patriot System maintainers help maintain the Patriot System, a combat missile system that has a radar array and command center.

Avenger System maintainers manage support-level maintenance for the Avenger System, a lightweight, highly mobile and portable air-to-air missile/weapon system that provides short-term air defense against air attack. and land.

Fire maintainers maintain combat vehicles, fire protection systems and equipment and equipment, and related inspection equipment.

Marine Corps Reserve

Armor maintenance carries out maintenance and repair of tanks, anti-tank weapons, combat vehicles, small arms and other small arms systems and systems.

Network system operators maintain electronic switches, control centers, radios, and other network-related equipment. They also use computers to troubleshoot the system when errors occur.

Cable system installers install, operate and maintain cable and cable communication systems, communication security equipment and related equipment.

Microwave system installers install, operate and maintain microwave communication systems. They also work with their own antennas, multiplexers and communications security equipment.

Unf: Unf Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

Multichannel transmission system operators work directly with communication devices and equipment that communicate on more than one channel. They perform the installation, maintenance, operation and maintenance checks of these equipment, antennas and related equipment.

Communications operations managers are primarily responsible for planning and overseeing the installation, operation, and maintenance of communications systems and networks.

Rescuers perform tasks such as exploration, demolition and rescue. They specialize as divers who work below the surface of the water or deep-sea divers who often work for long periods of time at depths of up to 300 feet.

Veterinary food inspectors inspect food intended for consumption, while also supervising the activities of the food inspection and the combined veterinary service.

Whatever It Takes: A Conversation With Colonel Elizabeth A. Evans, Camp Blanding’s Commander.

Psychological operations specialists supervise, coordinate, and participate in the analysis, coordination, and distribution of tactical, strategic, and reinforcement psychological operations.

Intelligence agents conduct counterintelligence surveys and investigations of individuals, organizations, devices, and activities to identify, assess, and prevent threats to national security.

Signals intelligence analysts listen to and intercept foreign radios and transmissions, preparing combat, tactical and tactical intelligence reports.

Communications field/intermediaries detect, receive, receive, and identify foreign communications using international Morse code and radio printers (non-Morse), as well as intelligence/electronic warfare signals collection and field equipment.

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Field artillery meteorologists monitor weather conditions and patterns so artillery units can accurately launch and fire missiles.

Field artillery radar operators use fire radar, a highly specialized piece of equipment, to detect mortars, aircraft, and other objects using radio or sound waves to determine their location in order to detect opposing forces and Army warning units.

Technical engineers carry out land surveys, create maps and prepare detailed plans and drawings for construction projects. Sometimes they provide surveys and maps used to locate objectives and plan troop movements.


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