Business Intelligence Engineer Facebook: What Is It and How to Be a BI Engineer?

A business intelligence is a job with the main task to rely on data & turn in into a business prospect. If you’re interested in this job, you can find business intelligence engineer Facebook.

The job of BI engineer is not as simple as understanding data. To find out, let’s see the explanation below!

What Is Business Intelligence Engineer Facebook?

A BI engineering is a scientific field playing with data and turning it into business prospects from clients or businesses using its services.

Furthermore, a BI engineering is an important position in a company. He/she plays an important role in decision making.

Besides that, he/she must provide detailed and complete data analysis because the data determines the company’s future. But business intelligence engineer jobs are more than that.

Why Must Be a Business Intelligence Engineer?

Below are some of the reasons why you must be a BI engineer:

  1. A company must know about the performance and the achievement of the company in a certain period of time.

In this case, BI will help the company to focus on the main purpose.

  1. The problem happening on the company must be identified and resolved as early as possible. So, the problem will be easier to solve.

It belongs to the jobs of a BI engineering where he/she explains bout the performance of the company.

  1. The company has data but cannot be used maximally without a specialist in the BI engineering field.

Business Intelligence Engineer Salary

Before you are looking for a job vacancy of business intelligence engineer Facebook, make sure that you know about the salary first.

In the US, the total salary for a BI engineer is about $119,652 / year. Meanwhile, the average salary is $94,758 / year.

Still talking about business intelligence engineer salary, the additional pay is about $24,894 / year.

For your information, additional pay may include profit sharing, tips, commission, and cash bonus.

How to Be a Business Intelligence Engineer

If you want to be a BI engineer, you can find the job vacancy on different sources including Facebook.

Before you apply for the job, you have to meet the requirements first.

Even though the requirements can be different, the main qualifications for a BI engineer usually include education, certification, and training.

To be a BI engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in a data or information-related discipline. Besides that, economics and business administration are acceptable, too.

Then, your coursework will help build skills in data visualization, mining, and architecture. To break into this position, the best way is through an internship.

Usually, they allow you to take on entry-level responsibility and hone your skills further. In addition, this job commonly requires a certification of Microsoft’s Certified Solutions Expert.

Or, you may also select to be a TDWI Certified BI Professional after you have completed work for 2 years in the field.

Hopefully, you can find business intelligence engineer Facebook job vacancy and you meet the required qualifications. So, make sure that you prepare everything!

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